Fire Damper Inspections

We implement service agreements to customers’ future budgets dividing fire inspections over a period of 5 years (20% per year as per the Australian Standard).

The following procedure is in accordance with AS 1851-2005
1. Locate and identify damper
2. Check and ensure that the fire damper is in place, open and free of obstruction
3. Install duct access panels where necessary for visual inspections
4. Check mounting is sound and free of corrosion
5. Clean damper free from dirt and lubricate blade pivots
6. Release the thermal link to ensure closure and latching ( replace thermal link and release spring if required)
7. Provide Certification Report to Client:

  • Fire damper inspection report
  • Listing the location of every damper
  • Damper number corresponding with the clients completed construction drawings
  • Whether the damper has passed or failed inspection
  • If the damper has failed the inspection a detailed explanation will be provided

The failure rate of a fire damper that has not been inspected or maintained is very high, don’t risk it.